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Let's Go to the Carnival

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I was really intrigued by Kevin Hodgson’s Soundscape story that he created during this week’s Make Cycle for #clmooc, so much so that I decided to try my hand at making one.

Getting Started

After listening to Kevin’s story, I began thinking about how sound and silence could be used to create transitions that help the listener/reader follow the plot.  I decided that I would try using silence to indicate places in my story where I wanted to transition from one scene to the next.  My idea was to create a story within a story.   I think it worked, but the true test will come from the listener.  Will it make sense to someone who doesn’t know what I was trying to accomplish?

My Soundscape Story
The Outcome

I had a blast thinking about how to tell this story, but it was crucial that I had a plan or I would have been completely lost searching for sounds. I tried to use sounds that were  universal and easy to recognize(hopefully).  I didn’t want the listener to lose the story trying to figure out the sound. That to me is the drawback to the Soundscape,  I don’t think we are as adept at reading sounds and it’s very easy to misinterpret what you hear.

I did make use of the website freesound.  What a fantastic resource for finding sounds for story-telling! I also added my own twist to the idea of a Soundscape. Unlike the inspiration story, I chose to use tracks with words. Since it is all ambient sound, I feel I stayed true to the original intent of telling a story with only sound.

You can read more about Soundscape stories and the ideas that inspired me at Kevin’s Meandering Mind.


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