Inspired by last year’s #clmooc memes, I incorporated meme making into my classroom quite a bit this year.  It made what my students were learning feel more like play and gave them the freedom to be a little silly.  As a matter of fact, they liked them so much my students made memes for almost everything.

This year I am also inspired by the path our meme making took.  I enjoyed our foray into the usefulness and purpose of memes, and while I still prefer their humorous aspect, next year I’ll be using memes to help my students explore serious ideas too.

Something else happened for me this week too.  As memes were posted I began to notice the way in which everything was starting to connect. I became fascinated watching people bounce off, build and reinvent what others had started (Okay, I did a lot of lurking). Through it all I saw some common threads emerge:

1. We are all passionate about what we do.

math meme         hey girl
2. We all have a crazy, quirky sense of humor, that at times may verge on the sarcastic,but there is humor and hope in our shared understanding.

susan's cat

3. We all have a little bit of activist in us, and we want to share that message.


4. We like to play,


but have serious side too.


Taken collectively, our memes began to represent the culture and community #clmooc is creating. This was the most interesting takeaway of all.