Eye Spy

Reflective teacher

This summer I participated in the #clmooc. It was a fantastic, although slightly overwhelming experience and I’m still returning to our Google+ home in order to draw inspiration from it.

Ironically, the idea that inspired me most didn’t come from any of the projects we created, but rather the #followfive practice. Each week we were asked to choose five people whose ideas or work inspired us. I began to wonder what impact it would have on my teaching if I were to take that concept into the real world and choose teachers I work with to follow. This year I’ll find that out. I’ll be entering my colleagues’ classrooms to learn from them and their students.

Since I’m teaching five periods a day, I only have a limited amount of free time to do this though. To make it manageable I decided I would only follow two. My goal is to focus on seeing lessons develop rather than only seeing the end result.

I’m hoping my #follow2 experience will make me feel more connected to what happens outside my classroom and beyond my team, and I’m excited about how this experience will add richness to my own practice. I’m also looking forward to the conversations that will come from these moments and the chance to explore new ideas.

I’ll keep you posted.