Subtotals that make up my week

Number of times I viewed posts in the Google+ space: 26.  Number comments or likes: 5.  Number of times I searched the #clmooc on Twitter: 6.  Number of ideas I had for my first how-to: 3.  Number of fails: 2.  Number of colleagues and friends who look at me funny when I try to explain #clmooc: 8. Number of times I missed Follow 5 Friday :1.  Number of laundry items I am going to use in my next make: 2.  Number of lists I have made: 2.  Number of new tools I have found and registered to use: 2.  Number of memes made: 1. Number of ideas inspired by week 1: 5.  Number I hope to complete: 5.  Number I will: ?
Thanks for a fantastic and inspirational first week!

This list and reflection was inspired by Gregory Burnham’s very short story, “Subtotals“.


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